21 Millennial YouTube Videos We Need To Bring Back

It used to be a haven for the weird, the random, the absurd…in a time before influencers, or good-quality sound and video, or high-production-value pranks, or even — dare I say the word — Minecraft.

It was a simpler time, but not always better. Still, I truly believe in my heart that these 21 videos still hold up. Millennials, Gen X’ers, and older Gen Z’ers, please enjoy this walk down memory lane.


“They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!”

Aaron Hardbarger / YouTube / Via youtube.com

The sheer history behind this one… It is a thing of legend and watching it is a spiritual experience. We must always remember our elders. 


“Daft Hands”

Fr. Eckle Studios / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Daft Bodies and Black Light Daft Hands are also incredible, but I feel like I have to go with the OG here. The ingenuity, the execution…it’s a beautiful thing to see what the human body is capable. 


“Harry Potter in 99 Seconds”

Paint / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Coming up with a 99-second description of all seven Harry Potter books? Clever. But setting it to an a cappella version of the films’ scores?!?! Epic. (Yes, we’re bringing “epic” back. This is a post about 2010. We will talk like it’s 2010.) 


“Schfifty Five”

Jared Cosgro / YouTube

We shouldn’t have let “Schfifty Five” out of our hearts, you guys. That’s on all of us as a generation.


“The Mean Kitty Song”

SMP Films / YouTube / Via youtube.com

This is just a classic. It’s still catchy and cute, and every cat owner knows how relatable it is. 


“The Llama Song”

LLAMA SONG! / YouTube / Via youtube.com

RANDOM XD humor had its time and place — namely, in the past. Only a few pieces of media from that time have weathered the years and the cultural changes that came with them with humility and grace. And “The Llama Song” is one of them. I don’t have to explain why this video is still good. It’s an intrinsic quality. It was here when it was written and it will be here when YouTube dies.



ProtoOfSnagem / YouTube / Via youtube.com

We simply cannot speak about random humor without discussing He-Man singing “HEEYYYEAAEYEAAA.” It exudes a sense of wonder and defines the sublime in a work that will surely be remembered for years to come.


“‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’ Misheard Lyrics”

Also Into Cats / YouTube / Via youtube.com

When a simple concept is executed well, I don’t care if it was made in MS Paint. In fact, it even can enhance the experience. To this day, I do not know the real words to this song and I do not care to.


“Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth”

Unicornpp / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Forget David. This is the absolute best “after wisdom teeth” video. From her dream about the unicorn to her seamless transition into a Christian rap about Jesus to her proclaiming her thirst in the best possible way, this video is a masterpiece from start to finish.



LiamKyleSullivan / YouTube / Via youtube.com

You know LiamKyleSullivan’s “Shoes,” but do you remember the slightly less viral hit “Muffins”? It was enough to turn me off from muffins for YEARS. Liam is a horror genius and this is his Sistine Chapel.


“Huge Basketball Shorts”

eskronaldmcdonald / YouTube / Via youtube.com

This video is a priceless, oft-overlooked piece of art. It’s got everything: an awkward kid, perfectly timed yet bizarre comedy, bad photoshopping, and an auto-tuned song. What more could you want?


“Llamas with Hats”

FilmCow / YouTube / Via youtube.com

“Carl, that kills people!” is just as quotable today as it was a decade ago. This video holds up better than the entirety of The Office.


“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared”

Don’t Hug Me .I’m Scared / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Nothing will ever top the bizarre creepiness of watching black ink pour down over a painting of a clown as the song goes silent. I don’t know who or what type of person this video was made for, which means, in a way, it was made for all of us. And I think that’s beautiful.


“The Duck Song”

forrestfire101 / YouTube / Via youtube.com

“Annoying humor” was also a large part of the late 2000s / early 2010s and personally, I find this type of humor best left in the past. This is the sole survivor, a phoenix rising from the ashes of humor best left forgotten. And trust me, it is one time you will be happy to be annoyed. Forget “Baby Shark.” Let us restore “The Duck Song” back to its former glory.


“Threw It on the Ground” by the Lonely Island

thelonelyisland / YouTube / Via youtube.com

We still give love to “I’m on a Boat” and “I Just Had Sex” but I feel like we lost sight of “Threw It on the Ground” along the way, and that saddens me. It is by far the Lonely Island’s best work.


A Very Potter Musical

Team StarKid / YouTube / Via youtube.com

The best parodies come from people who truly know and love something, and that is clearly the case with this musical. It also has genuinely talented singers, including legend Darren Criss, the mastermind behind this piece of theater. “Not Alone” still brings a tear to my eye after all this time.



Weebl’s Stuff / YouTube / Via youtube.com

It’s badgers dancing and singing. It’s catchy. It’s, I would argue, educational. What more can I say?


“Trapped in the Drive-Thru”

alyankovic / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Ah, Weird Al Yankovic’s masterpiece. A stirring animation that will awaken something deep in your heart, this song has a relatable quality that modern pop songs have not been able to match. 


“‘Edward and Bella’ — A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight

Bad Lip Reading / YouTube / Via youtube.com

The latest entry on this list, something about it just feels very early YouTube to me, matched with the production value of later YouTube. More enjoyable than Twilight itself, this video evokes nostalgia while painting a compelling story of mouses with wee-wees and a man named Kevin.


“Nyan Cat”

Nyan Cat / YouTube / Via youtube.com

Nothing will ever match the novelty, the grace, or the sheer simplicity of Nyan Cat. Nyan Cat is love. Nyan Cat is life.


And finally…”Leave Britney Alone.”

madringking1119 / YouTube / Via youtube.com

I’m sorry, Chris Crocker. You were right.

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