15 Virtual After School Programs To Keep Your Kids Engaged & Entertained

Thanks to the power of online tutors and lessons, children have more access to knowledge than ever before. In fact, the best virtual after-school programs to keep your kids engaged and entertained also offer plenty of learning opportunities outside of regular classroom hours. Whether you kid wants to code or play the guitar, there’s plenty of online classes and videos available to help them pick up a new skill.

It’s all the fun of a virtual summer camp, only during the rest of the school year. In the past, a child’s options for after-school activities depended entirely on what was available near their home. Now, virtual after-school programs offer creative, fun, and often social experiences for kids everywhere. Maybe your gamer kid wants to learn more about Minecraft and Roblox, or your *dramatic* child would love some after-school acting lessons. These are often available either on-demand or in real time, meaning your kid could make some new friends over Zoom in the process. Lessons in drawing, writing, language study, crafts, and even Dungeons & Dragons sessions are available, too. In fact, simply skimming through the resources listed here is interesting, because there are so many clubs, classes, and other resources available online. Finding an online after-school activity that captures your kid’s attention is almost guaranteed.


Drawchange After School Virtual Sessions

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Designed for children around the ages of 5 to 10, the Drawchange Interactive Kids Art Club sessions encourage creative expression, imagination, and stress relief. Each 90-minute virtual class gives children the opportunity to get to know one another, work on art projects, practice breathing, and play games. The first class is free to try.


BrainStorm STEM Education After School

The number and variety of different virtual after-school programs offered by BrainStorm STEM Education is impressive. Upcoming classes for the first Fall session include MINECRAFT UNIVERSITY: Game Designer, CODE ACADEMY: Star Wars & Superhero Programming, Code Academy: Python Programming, and many more. Different courses suit different age groups, ranging from 7 -10 and 9 – 13, and prices start at a rate of $175 each (currently on discount for $148.75).


Digital Dragon

Offering eLive online classes in 8-week sessions, Digital Dragon teaches children ages 5 – 18 how to make tech. Kid-friendly entry points to tech, such as Minecraft and Roblox, are all part of the fun. Fall 2021 live and interactive classes are already in the works, so contact the team for more info.


Writopia Lab

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Offering weekly and half-day workshops, Writopia Lab offers courses in creative writing led by a published author or produced playwright. Each class is grouped by age, and students from the ages of 6 to 18 are welcome. Dungeons & Dragons workshops are offered, too.


Gotham Writers Workshop

The Gotham Writers Workshop offers a variety of online and Zoom classes for teens, including creative writing, creative nonfiction, script writing, and even video game writing. (Yep, games need believable plots and characters, too). Courses are open for teens between the ages of 13 to 17.


Adventuring Portal

Offering after school, live virtual classes in Dungeons & Dragons, Adventuring Portal is all about connecting kids and inspiring creativity with the classic fantasy role-playing game. An inclusive organization, Adventuring Portal welcomes LGBTQIA+ and all neurodivergent players. The intro class, offered daily, is $25, and joining the daily 3-hour adventure is $45.



The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) teaches math to students who have a talent in the subject. Program graduates have gone on to attend top universities, and now any elementary-aged kid can attend through Zoom classes. You can sign up for the placement class for free.



Offered for kids between the ages of 7 to 17, iDTech’s courses teach everything from coding to YouTube animation and design. Your kid can learn about Python or Java, as well as Roblox and Minecraft game design. Prices start at $549 with a discount code.



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With on-demand access to some 2,000 classes, CreativeLive is a fantastic resource for anyone who loves to learn. While the content is not specifically designed for children, older kids and teens might enjoy the classes on everything from sound mixing to hand lettering. There are different payment plans, including the $12.42 per month creator pass, which grants on-demand access to the class library.



A physical activity program for kids, Boks is free to use. Parents can download the Boks Fitness calendar, where weekly themes (such as a focus on running or jumping) make movement fun. Plus, there’s a unique YouTube exercise linked for every weekday.


The Second City Training Center


Activity Hero

With online after-school classes in everything from coding to sketching to chess, Activity Hero has a wide range of options. Plenty of different age ranges are served, from toddlers to teenagers. Live online and on-demand classes are available, and prices vary per class.



The instructors at DIY.org can teach your child about art, science, music and much more through videos and live classes for $7.99 per month. The carefully moderated community is designed to be kid-friendly and ad-free, and each course encourages participation from the child. How To Be A YouTuber, Invent Your Own Machines, and Hip Hop Dancing are a few of the courses offered.



Offering private lessons in music, language, visual arts, crafts, hobbies, and more, TakeLessons is a rich resource for all kinds of virtual learning. Your kid can learn about chess, drawing, chemistry (or about 300 other subjects) starting at around $15 per lesson (prices vary). In addition, live group lessons are offered at TakeLessons Live, which are available for $19.95 per month.

Whether your kid is into coding, music, or moving around, it’s easier than ever to keep exploring those interests outside regular classroom hours. The virtual after-school programs for kids anywhere are a fantastic learning resource.

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