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Let’s go to IKEA for breakfast!

Anyone who goes to IKEA would know that it is more than just a place to pick
up Scandinavian furniture; it is also the place to go for Swedish Meatballs,
cheap ice cream and delicious fried chicken wings.

One morning, we headed to IKEA Tampines for furniture shopping and breakfast.
We were expecting a similar menu to the normal hours meals at the Swedish
Restaurants but was instead surprised by their Asian and Western breakfast

Ikea Tampines Resturant

Having a meal at IKEA is very different from how you would have one in a
typical restaurant. First, you must find your seas and then grab a trolley and
a tray to pick up the food. The food is prepared either beforehand, or on the
spot, so you do not have to wait. It is a classic pick-up-and-go.

Take a tray and your food

During lunch and dinner time, the toughest part was finding a seat. We were
pleasantly surprised that finding a seat on a Saturday afternoon was not an
issue. With the restaurant opening only at 10am, many would have taken their
breakfast by then. For the record, the restaurant is open an hour before the
opening hours for the shop.

For those who are not aware, IKEA does provide a breakfast menu. While it may
not be extensive, it would be sufficient for the non fussy eaters.

Bread at Ikea

There are a mix of Western and Asian Dishes. We decided to pick both to try.
There is also a halal section, but our stomachs are too small to have so many
dishes at a go.

Butter Croissant breakfast set ($5.5)

IKEA Butter croissant breakfast set

The set consists of Butter Croissant, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs and hash
brown with red berries. It resembles a typical western breakfast. Tastewise,
it is typical of such dishes. At $5.50 per set, you could not really fault it.

Salmon Croissant ($2.90)

IKEA Salmon croissant

If you were to pick between the Salmon croissant or the butter croissant set,
we highly recommend the former. The generous portion of Salmon dressing
together with the lettuce and butter croissant makes this a surprisingly
decent bread option. 

Loh Mai Kai ($1.60)

Ikea Loh Mai Kai

We never expect Loh Mai Kai on the menu. Wrapped in Lotus leaves, this sticky
rice dish with chicken  is as good as a typical Kopitiam equivalent.

Siu Mai ( 4 for $2)

Ikea Siew Mai

The Loh Mai Kai is complete with Siew Mai. At 4 for $2, it is priced at
pre-inflation rates. 

Ikea Chicken Wings ($6.90 for 4 pieces)

We could not resist adding IKEA famous Fried chicken wings to our meal. This
one needs no introduction. We had seen every other person doing the same while
we are there. Not only were the chicken crispy, the prices are very affordable
as well.

Other menu

Not all the dishes that IKEA serve are available on the website. We spotted a
few other options you could try for your next visit. 

Plant based dumplings

There were plant-based dumplings, Portuguese egg tarts, salads, cake and more.

IKEA Tampines Breakfast

As mentioned earlier, you can opt for Halal dishes too. During our visit,
there were baked chicken chop with sausage fried rice andMasala Lamp Chop with
mashed potatoes. 

Source: IKEA Singapore

These dishes are available for a limited time as IKEA tends to freshen their
meal selection after a certain period.


For a fuss-free and inexpensive breakfast, IKEA Tampines is a good option. For
example, a Siew Mai and Loh Mai Kai meal cost less than $4!

What’s more, if you are an IKEA Family member, you can enjoy 2 complimentary
hot drinks daily. If you plan a trip to IKEA to pick up some furniture, make
some time for breakfast too!

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