Thin Frizzy Hair Solutions? Yes, Meet Your New BFFs!

Slim, Frizzy Hair, Meet up with Keratin Solutions

Frizzy hair options have failed to supply what they promised me, as well lots of occasions to depend. The only slender frizzy hair smoothing treatment that has at any time labored, until now, was the in-salon keratin smoothing treatment options.

And honestly, if you can afford and don’t dwell by the ocean (salt kills keratin smoothers), end examining. Just get your self to a salon that gives the Keratin Complex Treatment and do that.

No, it is not that Brazilian cure that kills your hair. It can be a Keratin Smoothing Cure.

Listen to me out.

In-Salon Keratin Remedy (Solution 1)

  • The in-salon therapy keratin smoothing remedy I’m talking about does NOT acquire your natural curl away. It’s just a smoothing therapy.
  • Certainly, it’s nuts costly, but perhaps worthy of it if you spends hundreds a year hunting for the magic potion that gets rid of frizzy hair. 
  • It binds keratin to your hair so it really is smoother and shinier. And, you never have to wait to wash your hair immediately after the procedure has been applied. 

I experimented with the Express remedy and it was great—while it lasted. It was supposed to past 4-6 weeks if you averted salt and chloride. 

The Categorical remedy cost $150 + idea, not together with lower, color, or styling. 

It was attractive when it lasted, but my hair was back to its normal frizzy mess in about a few months, so I could not justify the expense. Nor was I springing for the comprehensive treatment method at $250 for 10 weeks, being aware of it would wash out faster than envisioned.  

But I’m unwilling to shell out $150-350 + idea every single 4 to 10 months, so I experienced to uncover yet another way. 

So I went on the web, wondering if there was maybe an at-house treatment method that would present related outcomes. Like what I did for my rosacea challenge. 

AND I Discovered Just one!

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