Accelerated Nursing Program: The Fast Track to a Nursing Career

Anyone who is interested in becoming a nurse should seriously consider going through an accelerated nursing program. The accelerated programs simply make it easier for you to jump-start your career, giving you the quick push that you need to get a solid education and get into the field. You are still going to get the education that you need to work with patients and physicians, but will do so with a faster paced schedule.

The accelerated nursing programs around the nation are generally programs approved by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. These accelerated programs are available in most states (43 of 50) as well as the District of Columbia. There are over 220 programs across the United States that are able to provide this accelerated education. Those who are looking to receive an accelerated Master’s degree will find 65 programs that provide them with the accelerated education.

It can be difficult for some to get into accelerated nursing programs because of the limited amount of program space and the structure of the program. Those interested will generally need to carry a 3.0+ GPA through their initial bachelor’s degree.

These programs are meant for individuals who have already gone through a bachelor’s or graduate degree in any degree program through a normal college. The accelerated program builds on the knowledge that students have already gained through their programs to push them through the fastest route to an RN license.

The time that it can take to get through an accelerated bachelor’s degree program will vary from school to school, but will generally take 11 to 18 months to complete. Those who are looking to go beyond a bachelor’s degree to earn a master’s degree should expect to be in school for three full years.

It is important for those interested in accelerated programs to understand that they will receive the same education as those who go through normal nursing programs. Students are expected to handle a rigorous course load with few, if any, breaks. The students will also be expected to handle and complete the same amount of clinical hours to actually receiver their license.

Students who go through accelerated systems will still need to prepare for the same NCLEX-RN exam. The NCLEX-RN is the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, run by the NCSBN (National council of State Boards of Nursing). While the accelerated program works to get through nursing education as quickly as possible, it still works to prepare students for their final licensing exam.

The main benefit of an accelerated nursing program is the ability to get into the workplace as quickly as possible. Nursing programs and hospitals are looking to increase the number of nurses that they can bring into the workforce. Students are also itching to get into the workforce, as the nursing sector is expected to grow by over 22 percent over the next ten years. The earlier students get through their nursing program, the sooner they can grab one of the jobs in this field.

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