Aion Character Class – Templar the Ultimate Tanking Class

This Aion Character Class is a specialized class you can select as a Warrior when you completed the ascension quest at Level 9. Templar’s is the ultimate tanking class in Aion and in this article you will learn more about the Aion Character Class Templar and how you get the most out of this class when playing Aion Online.

A Templar is typically using a sword and a shield, but is able to carry maces and a Greatsword as well. For armour a Templar can carry Chain, Leather, Plate and Cloth. This is by far the most defensive Aion Character Class and is best used in groups to protect others.

This Aion Character Class is the ultimate tanking class and when fighting in groups, a very effective tactic is to use the Templar to draw the enemy’s attention and let others in the group attacking the enemy.

The Templar is a great defender, but not that great at attacking. When using a sword, the damage this class can do is limited. By swapping to a GreatSword, the attack power will increase, but still, the best use of a Templar is as a defender in groups.

Typically a Templar uses one-handed weapons and their shield to reduce damage. The shield can also be used as a weapon after a successful block and it can create some serious damage to the enemy.

The Templar is best to play in groups. It will take along time to get to higher levels playing solo, while if you are joining a skilled group, you can reach higher levels pretty fast.

To get the most out of this Aion Character Class and to reach higher levels fast, make sure you play in groups and mainly to draw the enemy’s attention, tank and protect others in the group.

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