Abrarul Haq’s criticism of nursery rhymes sparks social media debate

  • Singer Abrarul Haq had criticised modern day moms offering their young children gadgets even though talking to a PTI convention on Thursday. 
  • “The kalma and nursery rhymes are not a substitute for each and every other,” a person commented. 
  • Some fans demanded Abrarul Haq launch a Punjabi Bhangra variation of poem. 

Abrar-ul-Haq’s assertion criticising modern-day moms for giving their small children gadgets has sparked a debate on social media, with some exhibiting assistance and praise for his reviews even though other individuals were not also pleased about it. 

“In the earlier, mothers made use of to train the kalma to their young children, presently they give their telephones on which the young children pay attention to ‘baby shark’,” Abrar-ul-Haq had claimed talking at a convention marking PTI’s three-calendar year performance. 

The statement by Abrar-ul-Haq sparked a discussion on social media where some supported his sentiment when some others disagreed.

A couple end users highlighted the constructive facets of children’s poems, when some others recalled lyrics from Abrar-ul-Haq’s songs. 

A female commented that a person who has sung music like “Nach Punjaban” and “Billo De Ghar” thinks moms permitting their little ones pay attention to “Infant Shark Doo Doo” are accountable for the social and ethical drop of small children.   

On the other hand, some supporters of the singer demanded he launch a Punjabi Bhangra model of the poem. 

A different man explained, “The kalma and nursery rhymes are not a substitute for every single other. You can train the kalma to youngsters, as properly as, nursery rhymes.”

A consumer took criticized the singer and wrote “Evaluating Baby Shark with Kalimah is plain stupid! Ibrar has made a joke of himself to you should his manager by becoming a member of him in blaming the moms/gals to address up the crimes in opposition to females beneath this governing administration esp in Punjab.” 

Multiple many others pointed out that nursery rhymes have been taught to youngsters for a extensive time and isn’t really a modern phenomena. 

Although a couple buyers made jokes on the video, 1 wrote “A person despatched me the Abrar-ul-Haq online video, nicely [the] joke’s on them. I to start with recite the kalma and then sing Little one Shark to my niece. Deen bhe aur dunya bhe, bro”

Figures like Humti Dumpty, Tot Batot, and Aaloo Mian have loaded kid’s imaginative worlds with color and encouraged them to discover with desire.

Buyers added that with the enable of figures in just nursery rhymes, small children are taught figures, alphabets, names of greens and fruits, and occasionally the sounds of animals. 

By means of poetry and nursery rhymes, youngsters study from enjoy new phrases, the relatives process, and house associations. 

The value of relationships is emphasised by training phrases like grandfather, grandmother, mama, and papa. At the identical time, bodily activity and training is also inspired.

In modern day moments, traditional modes of teaching and understanding are altering and electronic applications are now being employed to educate youngsters new ideas and strategies.