How Davidson County CPS strives to make, not split family members

If you think what you see in created-for-tv flicks, the words “Child Protecting Services” conjures up photos of grim-faced govt employees demonstrating up unexpectedly at your doorway, ripping your crying baby from your arms and dumping them with strangers who will hardly ever let you see them once again.

In actuality, this is the farthest issue from the fact, in accordance to Davidson County CPS Supervisor Kim Craver. She suggests the department attempts everything they can to assistance the family or spot the kid with a relative just before they revert to courtroom-requested custody to eliminate a baby.

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“Our most important target is we normally want the boy or girl to continue to be in the house with their family members, if probable, but our position is to also make certain they are protected there. We do test to do the job with the people as much as probable,” claimed Craver.