Theoretical Perspectives on One Parenting

Suggests Who? 

John Bowlby’s attachment theory implies that secure attachment among a mum or dad and youngster makes parenting much easier and supports mother or father/boy or girl intimacy, which improves the child’s sense of well worth

How does this relate to one-dad or mum households?

Lack of conversation involving the little ones of solitary-guardian families and their parents can result in attachment difficulties that can compromise the efficiency of parenting tactics, and result an too much to handle total of anxiety on custodial dad and mom as they endeavor to carry out their parenting duties.

A near marriage involving the one-mother or father and the youngster fosters the kid’s social-psychological enhancement and decreases behavioral considerations. 

Sigmund Freud implies that the human psyche is by nature enjoyment seeking.

How does this relate to single-guardian people?

Single-mothers and fathers who are encountering the pain of separation is probable to vacation resort to behaviors, that may perhaps be dangerous, however presents them with the gratification they may perhaps have to have to deal with the stressors that they face.

B.F. Skinner’s idea of operant conditioning implies that men and women are likely to repeat behaviors that direct to favorable success.

How does this relate to single-parent households?

Many solitary-mother and father struggle with self reliance due to the fact their dependency on external supports is reinforced… For illustration, individuals who are welfare dependent might be greater off fiscally that all those who operate.

Erick Erickson’s concept of psychosocial developmental indicates if the caregiver is offered, dependable, supportive and responsible youngsters attain developmental milestones which in the end supports their belief, independence, self-awareness and need to do well.

How does this relate to single-dad or mum family members?

Youngsters lifted in one-mum or dad households have the same developmental desires as other kids. As a result, if the single-parent is constant, supportive and reputable, they much too should obtain attitudes of have confidence in, independence, self-awareness and the want to realize success.  

L.S Vygotsky’s notion of cognitive enhancement indicates that the social environment defines the way children think. He considered that small children study a lot more when their mastering is ideal supported at opportune situations when the caregiver aides them in mastering new jobs.

How does this relate to one-guardian households?

When young children raised in solitary-mum or dad homes are remaining by itself for extensive durations of time or remaining in the palms of uninvolved caregivers their academic abilities are not becoming absolutely supported.  

The Resiliency principle indicates that by means of the use of inborn coping mechanisms folks are capable to prevail over adversities in their lives.

How does this relate to solitary-father or mother family members?

By way of the use of proper sources and the application of coping methods solitary-parent households can get over the problems that they come upon.  

Carl Rogers’ self-actualization perspective proposes that the elementary intention of all people is to maximize their likely and be the most effective they could be.

How does this relate to solitary-parent households?

It is not the intention or goal of solitary-dad or mum people to be problematic and dysfunctional. Like other families the motivation of the associates of one-mother or father family members is to realize loved ones cohesion, and to aid the progress and enhancement of every other.